Shipping & Returns

Gas Lighter is classified as dangerous cargo (DC Cargo) and thus it can only be delivered by land and sea transport only and strictly prohibited to ship by air, as it is consider an explosive and hazardous product.

Below is the gas lighter classification:

HS Code: 96131000 (Pocket Lighter, Gas-Fuelled & Non-Refillable).

IMCO Code: 2.1

UNNO: 1057

Flashpoint: 60 Degree Fahrenheit.

We provide NATIONWIDE DELIVERY for online purchase on our website by Post Laju Malaysia (Sea/Land) Parcel Post for both West Malaysia (WM) & East Malaysia (EM). FREE SHIPPING if order over RM50 for WM, RM75 for EM.


We take care of every step when arranging for the delivery of gas lighter. Basically in domestic we will use our own transport to do the delivery within Klang Valley, but in out-station we will employ lorry transports to deliver to various parts of Peninsular Malaysia as well as Singapore.

However, in East Malaysia including Brunei, we provide door-to-door services and minimum order quantity (MOQ) is One Metric Cube to all major cities. This shipment usually is the combination of sea & land transport inclusively.

Total delivery time is determined by the combination of SEA & LAND shipping methods and order processing time. Order processing time depends on which day of the week your order is placed as well as the time of day. All orders place with confirmation of payment receive will leave our warehouse on the next day subject to stocks availability. If next day is a public holiday, we shall deliver on the next business day.

Make-To-Order Products

However, if your order is customize to your special requirements, kindly check with us before you place an order to avoid inconveniences. Please tell us your requirements, quantity and dateline you wish to receive the goods for your marketing activities campaign etc. Once we have your info we shall revert to you soonest possible. Kindly take note make-to-order products will take more time to deliver than ready-to-ship products.

We highly recommend using the following in Malaysia.

Land Delivery Depend On Your Location & Quantity Purchase.

* We reserve the right to change the mode of delivery whichever seems fit to reach you fastest possible, Anyway, we will keep you update the status once we dispatch the goods.

Order Handling/ Processing Time

Order Day                    Time                              Leave Warehouse
Monday – Friday          Same Day                      Next Day
Saturday -Sunday        Off Day                          Next Business Day


**Free shipping for Order more than RM50 for WM and RM75 for EM only.

Singapore: RM 20.00 per carton + custom processing fees
**Free shipping for order exceeds MYR 5000.00

Brunei: RM 25.00 per carton
**Free shipping for order exceeds MYR 10,000.00

* Different models come with different packing sizes.
Please check packing details on product(s) you wish to purchase.

** Free Delivery only caters on lorry transport, and if you opt for courier services you need to pay the different and usually incur a lot higher cost.

For some remote areas whereby delivery services are not available, we encourage and recommend you visit our stockist / distributors who are nearer to your destination.We may reserve the right to cancel the order and refund you in full if we are not able to provide the delivery services to some very remote areas across the country.

We will try our best to improve our delivery services from time to time and yet to make sure you buy the most cost economical products.

Kindly contact us at or call us at +603-7880-3399 (customer support hotline) for further enquiries. We will try our best to assist you or recommend you an alternative.

Estimate Time of Delivery

Major Cities of West Malaysia @ 3-5 Business Days

Major Cities of East Malaysia  @ 14-30 Days

Singapore @ 3-5 Business Days

Brunei @ Takes ~ 21-30 Days

Important note: Delivery time may vary and may be affected by various conditions, such as weather conditions. The table above is only for references and estimation purposes only.

However, If your order was not received within the estimated time frame, or if said tracking information is not valid/untraceable. If you require any further information, feel free to contact us, for in the event of ‘undeliverable package’ orders will be returned to us.

Duties and Taxes

There are no duties and taxes incur for order in Malaysia not until 2015 the government will impose tentatively 6% GST. However, you need to find out what are the duties and taxes may incur before you purchase the goods.

In addition, import duties and taxes may be levied once a shipment reaches your country. Please pay those costs directly to the delivery agents or the customs office upon delivery. Policies on those taxes vary in each country. We have no control over those charges. Please contact the customs office in your country before write in to contact us for query.

For international order in container load you need to check out duties and taxes with your custom or forwarding agent to workout your landing cost.

For more information on International Shipment, kindly follow International Shipment!

Undelivered Package

There are few reasons that our carriers deem a package undeliverable.

No Service Areas

If the postal code shows non-service area, then the shipment(s) will not be delivering. PosLaju will only provide service based on postal codes. Please contact this link to determine the expected delivery area.

Track Your Poslaju Parcel, Click Here!

* Incorrect Address

If the address is incorrect or outdated, the shipment(s) will return to us. Do remember, PosLaju does not deliver to Post Office Boxes (P.O. Box).

* Restriction Areas

If the parcel(s) is being made to a restriction area such as military base or prison, there may be delivery restrictions associated with the items or package, the package(s) will return to us if delivery fails.

* Recipient refuses to accept

The parcel(s) will return to us, if recipient refuses to accept parcels. Do remember to notify recipient (if it is a gift/surprise/etc) after you have made the order.

* Delivery Mistakes

In seldom cases, if the address label became illegible during shipping and handling process, the parcel(s) will be returned to us.

Damage and Missing Item(s)

If upon receiving your order, there are any damage(s) to the parcel(s) or missing item(s) from your order. Do make a report by contact +603-7880 3399 or send email to But please keep all items, boxes, and packing material shipped exactly as you received it for inspection. Our customer support will advise you the next step.

If you have missing items spanning multiple boxes, please check the tracking status to confirm that all packages have been delivered with tracking number before you proceed filing a report with us.

Availability of Goods

We will always ensure that the products we offer are in stock. However, unforeseen circumstances may happen, in the event of ‘Out-of-Stock’, we will notify you via phone call or email and our customer support will advise you the next step.

Delivery Service Delay

In seldom cases, there are unexpected delivery service delays such as severe weather, natural disasters, transport accident, flood, unscheduled events etc.

Please track your domestic delivery at:

Track Your Poslaju Parcel, Click Here!
OR we will inform you the latest progress by email, sms or mobile.

If you have additional questions about the delivery of your purchase,

Please call us at +603 7880 3399 or contact us online.


Gas Lighter is classified as dangerous cargo (DC Cargo) and thus it can only be delivered by land and marine transport and strictly prohibited to ship by air as it is consider an explosive and hazardous product.

Below is the gas lighter classification:

HS Code: 96131000 (Pocket Lighter, Gas-Fuelled & Non-Refillable).
IMCO Code: 2.1
UN No: 1057

Flashpoint: 60 Degree Fahrenheit.

For international shipment it must be shipped on minimum 1×20’ FCL container regardless how many quantity you stuff into the container would classify as DC cargo. The ocean freight is usually 2 to 3 times higher than general cargo. It depends on the availability and frequencies of vessels to the destination port.

Generally 1×20’ FCL container consist approximately 1.0 million pieces.

The procedures of getting a quotation of sea-freight is required the logistics forwarder to get the approval of the destination’s port authority before grating us the estimate cost incur for the shipment plus the standard documentation cost inclusively. This process will take 2 weeks or more subject to the port’s authority response as per our request.

For more information on International Shipment, kindly contact us on this link.

Material Safety Data Sheet

The below are the standard information requested by the forwarding agent to submit to the respective port’s authority seeking the approval for freight quotation.
Class to ADR It. 6F

Articles containing gas under pressure, flammable

Name of substance(s) : LIGHTERS

– Colorless compressed gas

– Odorless


– Highly flammable

– Heating will cause pressure rise with risk of bursting

– May form explosive mixture with air, particularly in empty uncleanedreceptacles

– Bursting can be forcibly projected from a fire


– Anti-static boots

– Goggles giving complete protection to eyes

– Eyewash bottle with clean water


– Notify police and fire brigade

– Stop the engine

– No naked lights. No smoking

– Put on protective equipment before entering danger area

– Mark roads and warn other road users

– Keep public away from danger area

– Keep upwind


– If substance has entered a water course or sewer or been spilt on soil or vegetation, advise police

– Remove to safe place. Consult an expert


– Keep container(s) cool by spraying with water if exposed to fire


– Seek medical treatment when anyone has symptoms apparently due to inhalation or contact with skin or eyes.

– Is substance has got into the eyes, immediately wash out with plenty of water. Continue treatment until medical assistance is provided.


– Corrugated Carton with substance K275/M/K275 BAF (M=150G).

IMCO: 2.1

UN NO: 1057

FLASHPOINT: 60 degree Fahrenheit
Additional information: TELEPHONE: +603-7880-3399 | FAX: +603-7803-5817